Friday, January 01, 2021

To the end

Happy 2021, everybody! We three kings of Orien Tar will have been broadcasting Blues All Kinds for 10 years come this July. It’s way past time to hang it up and enjoy some easy listening, or listening easy, without feeling the need to further inflict our musical tastes or lack thereof on an ever diminishing listenership. So, we’ve decided to post maybe a couple of songs a month till around mid-July and then say, “Adiós.” It’s mostly been a lot of fun, we gained a friend or two, though much of the music we dredged up was really just exercises in memory jogging, much easier on the joints than real jogging. So . . . commencing with today’s song “believe [we’ll] run on and see what the end’s gonna be. . . .” No big statements between now and then, just the same-o stuff we like and have been posting all along, old, new, and in-between. 

The Sensational Nightingales • To the End • 1959

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