Saturday, January 25, 2020

Tuesday, January 07, 2020

You can’t watch your wife and your outside women too

Really the Country Blues Classics

The riff that swallowed Mississippi. Nineteen twenty-nine, you say?!

Blind Joe Reynolds • Outside Woman Blues • 1929

LP cover: American Music

Monday, January 06, 2020

Don’t you ease, don’t you ease, don’t you ease me in

Really the Country Blues Classics

If “Old Country Rock” is our favorite William Moore record, then “Don’t Ease Me In” is our top “Ragtime Texas” record.

Henry Thomas • Don’t Ease Me In • 1928

Sunday, January 05, 2020

“C’mon Bill, let’s take ’em for an old country rock. . . .”

Really the Country Blues Classics

Similar to the release on collector LPs of early gospel music during the mid-sixties, the recordings of pre-war “country” blues began to see a similar revival on vinyl reissue albums. Once again Origin Jazz Library led the way with two anthologies, Really! The Country Blues (the title supposedly a dig at Sam Charters’ earlier The Country Blues) and Country Blues Encores, among several other fine collections. Meanwhile, Blues Classics, Arhoolie’s reissue imprint, put out four volumes of Country Blues Classics which featured both pre- and postwar blues recordings and introduced many fine and rare records to a new audience. Yazoo took the OJL concept even further beginning in 1967, figuring out a way to make old, beat up 78s sound pretty listenable with the best music to surface noise ratio yet. Lots of other labels came and went along the way with much fabulous music reaching the ears of the general folk and blues public. This week we’ll be playing one of our favorites every day and plan to follow this up with a couple more weeklong “sessions” over the next few months. We start off this week’s series with our long-time number one favorite, the barber William Moore’s sardonic tour of rockin’ good times in eastern Virginia, “Old Country Rock.”

William Moore • Old Country Rock • 1928
Get it: American Epic