Monday, November 25, 2013



As with the previous and also future titles in this series, Odds & Ends Vol. 1 purposes to present you, the listener, with the best selections available to us, the programmers, of that wide-ranging American musical genre. 

This volume in our long running series might easily be subtitled “It Came from the Garage,” as that is where many of these wonderful records and tapes that make up this set came from. Some were a little worse for the wear, some smelled strongly of mildew, but all had that something, and indeed they quite literally shouted out and implored us to put them on this collection. We believe you will agree we did the right thing.

Among the many fascinating country, blues, and gospel selections, we also present a number of tunes from the provinces of our great land—Hawaii, Louisiana, Europe, and Japan. As many of these have found their way into the slipstream of popular culture, we find they travel quite comfortably next to their more well-considered brethren.  —Irving Snurd, Radio Station WACK, Lompoc, Ca.    

The Cowboy Church Sunday School • Open Up Your Heart 

Sunday, November 10, 2013


It was this song, side one, track 3, on a loaned copy of The Best of Muddy Waters that really lit something up inside and turned your correspondent into a blues fan. “Aw, take me wit’cha man, when you go!”

Muddy Waters • Louisiana Blues • 1950

Get it: His Best, 1947 to 1955