Wednesday, January 02, 2019


Dinosauric Preception Roadmap Blues No. 4

In that blurry period of early childhood, music from the family console radio was just a taken-for-granted aspect of life around the house; the presence of recorded sound was mainly pleasant background to the daily goings on. But memories of a few songs from those early days remain. One was a line from an early Eddie Fisher hit, “I Need You Now.” The lyric was mystifying . . . “I can’t eat my egg in heart” . . . but the person he was singing to obviously knew how. Of course, later the real line, “I can’t ease my aching heart,” made the whole affair much more mundane if still a little out of reach for a 7-year old.

One time a few years later, the radio was tuned to a rock’n’roll station seemingly by accident, and that’s when things began to get way less mundane. “Searchin’” by the Coasters came blasting out of the speaker and this now 10-year old was instantly hooked. All the name-checked detectives were beyond his ability to get the joke, but the feeling was there and the rollicking whorehouse piano moved everything along nicely. The flip side, “Young Blood,” was broadcast a lot that summer also, and again, though the jailbait aspect of the lyrics was missed, all the funny high-to-low “look-a-theres” got it over. By the end of summer and the start of fifth grade a lifetime music lover had been born and baptized and from there on out his ears were consecrated to the sounds emanating from the radio, and the DJ’s exhortation, “Don’t touch that dial” was obeyed no questions asked.

The Coasters • Searchin’ • 1957

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  1. Thanks for the chuckle over your initial interpretation of the lyrics to Eddie Fisher's song, oh yeah! ;-)

    'Searchin' is great fun!

    1. Non techy Mr Jive still can't figure out how to log in, so he's asked me to respond. "'Searchin'' is one of the all time number one classics, top of my list 60 years and counting. And you never know what a little kid will hear in a lyric . . . think what he must have made over all those detective names in 'Searchin''!"