Sunday, January 07, 2018


When John Lee Hooker first came to town, people, he was walkin’ down Parkway. Everybody was talkin’ about Club DeLisa, so he decided he’d drop in there. . . . This is a Chicago blues oddity: recorded in Detroit by Bernie Besman and sold to Chess. The originally issued 78, overdubbed with sped-up guitar and dual JLH vocals, name-checked South Parkway and the Club DeLisa. On this unissued, unadorned, take Johnny references the DeLisa and places it on Beale Street in Memphis. When the track first saw the light of day on LP in the 80s, it was on a comp called Wizards from the Southside and showed John Lee Hooker along with the usual Chicago suspects on the cover. You don’t have to know any of the above to enjoy this 1952 update to his big hit. “Jump, chillen!”

John Lee Hooker • Walkin’ The Boogie • 1952
(unissued alternate version)

LP cover: Discogs


  1. This version is SO much more interesting than the released version that I have, which is unpleasantly double-tracked. ACE!

    1. Really. Not sure what Besman/Chess were thinking with the issued version. And this is my favorite of all the "Boogie Chillen" records, great as the Modern original is, as well as all the alternates and subsequent versions. . . .