Friday, November 03, 2017


Waylon Jennings • Big Mamou • 1965

LP cover: YouTube


  1. First of all, Frank, what's a "Big Mamou" ;-) and, secondly, do you happen to know who's singing with Waylon on this track?

    I just checked my iTunes files and I've only got one Waylon Jennings track - a cover of Roy Orbison's 'Dream Baby.'

  2. 1. Well now, for the history of the song “Le Gran Mamou,” and its namesake the town of Mamou in SW Louisiana, and see Wade Falcon’s excellent Cajun music blog entry at

    2. Backup vocals on Waylon’s version is probably either band members Jerry Gropp or Paul Foster or both. (Discographical info from Praguefrank here:

    3. Waylon Jennings is probably my favorite singer in any genre of music and has been since the early 80s when his records first started to really grab me. . . .

  3. Waylon does have a great voice! I'm picking up an iTunes card later today, so I'll check out more of his material. I remember that VMIMC offered a compilation at one point, but I didn't pick it up.

    Thanks a lot for the info with links, Frank!

    1. For us here, you can't go wrong with any of the following 70s albums: Lonesome On'ry and Mean, Honky Tonk Heroes, This Time, Dreaming My Dreams, Ol' Waylon, or the career spanning box Nashville Rebel. Happy discovering. . . !

    2. Almost forgot one of the best: Waylon Live from 1976. You can find it these days as Waylon Live: The Expanded Edition.

    3. Thanks a lot, Frank! That really helps me a lot. (I didn't want to ask.)