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In October 1929 Edward Thompson recorded six sides at the Gennett studios in New York City. All were issued on the Paramount label, two of them crediting Thompson as Tenderfoot Edwards. One of the Tenderfoot Edwards records, the top side of which you can hear here today, didn’t survive the decades in as good shape as the other two, but the good folks at Blues Images worked their magic and it is now quite listenable, if a little rough. For me, it’s the very best of all his sides, with great bent-note guitar figures set to a loping beat, and a sly vocal, sounding to my ears a bit unlike most of his other records. When his other two 78s were reissued in the late sixties he was believed to have been an Alabama artist but in recent years he’s thought to have been either from Georgia or Florida. Whatever, his six recordings are really fine and again, this one tops them all!

Tenderfoot Edwards • When You Dream Of Muddy Water • 1929

When You Dream Of Muddy Water” and its flip side “Up On The Hill Blues” are both on 24 Classic Blues Songs from the 1920’s Vol. 11 in the best sound we’re likely to hear unless another copy in better condition turns up!

Originally posted 12/19/14

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