Sunday, April 23, 2017


Here is a beautiful “lining” type hymn from the ever harmonious Pilgrim Travelers. A while back I posted a congregational lining hymn by Deacon Shinault which was inspired by a post on The Singing Bones that featured another quartet version of a lining hymn by The Echoes of Zion. This one by the Pilgrim Travelers is a real shiver-me-timbers affair with leads Kylo Turner and Keith Barber leading the way; the rest of the Travelers keep the cold chills meter on high: J. W. Alexander (tenor), Jesse Whitaker (baritone), Raphael Taylor (bass). Recorded in Hollywood, 
July 21, 1950.

The Pilgrim Travelers • I Love the Lord • 1950

Label photo: Record Connexion/Tom Kelly

Originally posted 6/9/2013

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