Wednesday, April 26, 2017


We’re back with another dozen installments in our long running “cradle-to-grave” Dino series, picking up where we left off in January with Buck Owens’ endorsement of “pure pork.” Stick around for twelve more weeks as we take up our “nine pound hammer” and work our way through what’s left of one period of musical excavation and into a new one filled with “thrills, spills, and the sport of kings.” Well, maybe not that last bit. Up first . . . Merle Travis with his folk music “of the hills.”

Merle Travis • Nine Pound Hammer • 1947


  1. YAY!!!! I love the DPRB series! This is a nice one from Merle.

    1. Many thanks. Sometimes it seems like so much navel gazing but looking at maps has always been kind of a fun pastime. And relistening to this track got me looking around for the rest of those "folk" sessions and I see Bear has reissued the original 10" LP along with a slew of similar songs from the early 60s. I think I need a visit from the doorbell ringing representative of The Millionaire. . . .