Wednesday, January 18, 2017


“South of the border, down Mexico way” could well be the theme for part 5 of our “Girl Groups Down for the Count” series with great songs from México, Peru, South America and the Caribbean. Songs from Havana, Durban, and São Paulo all mix together delightfully giving us a more fully rounded aural stereograph of the “girl group” sound. And due to overwhelming response to our Dolly and Porter duet last series, this time we’ll be playing Dolly Parton’s first record “Puppy Love,” issued by the Goldband label of Lake Charles, Louisiana in 1959. Recorded when she was just thirteen, it’s a far cry, or howl, from Dolly’s future development and direction. So lie back and enjoy our featured tunes from “yeh-yeh” to “yé-yé.” —Melvin Cowznofski

The Gaylettes • Silent River Runs Deep • 1968

Image: Discogs


  1. "giving us a more fully rounded aural stereograph of the “girl group” sound"

    Not really sure what you mean by the above (perhaps it's tongue-in-cheek.) They'll be interesting sounds, I'm sure, and by "girls", but based on a listen to today's record, they're not going to expand the parameters of the historically important "girl group sound."


    1. We here at Blues All Kinds see it sort of like this: We have long thought Mr. Cowsnofski to be off his nut; additionally, most of the time he just seems to be full of it. But we keep him around because 1) he has unparalleled tastes in vernacular music, and 2) he helps us to not take ourselves too seriously. . . !