Saturday, November 12, 2016


. . . I know that it’s real

Since late Tuesday night my mind and emotions have run the gamut from feeling gobsmacked, depressed, really pissed off, and back again, round and round it goes, where it stops nobody knows. So please bear with me for a few minutes to imagine this song not as regret for a love lost but as it might apply to the current nightmarish scenario here in these Newnited States.

I’ve perversely chosen, since we’re living in pretty perverse times, not Jerry Lee Lewis’s classic 1956 Sun recording (nor Ray Price’s ’56 hit for that matter), but this version from the soundtrack of the buffoonish 1989 movie Great Balls of Fire! starring a way over the top Dennis Quaid as Jerry Lee because somehow in this upside down world it seems to fit. . . .

Jerry Lee Lewis & Dennis Quaid • Crazy Arms • 1989

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