Tuesday, August 16, 2016


The centerpiece of James Brown’s more than great Live at the Apollo album is this ten-minute version of “Lost Someone” split over two sides of the original LP. At the point just before the side one fade, if you listen, you can hear a female audience member holler out, “James, you’re a asshole!” Apparently this was a difficult concert to record because this certain heckler kept it up throughout. Regardless, one of his all time best performances . . . “Don’t just say ow!, say OWWW!!”

James Brown • Lost Someone • 1962

Get it: Live at the Apollo

Thanks to Peter Guralnick


  1. Just out of curiosity, do the liner notes mention the heckler? I listened a couple of times and couldn't pick up that phrase (maybe the old hearing's not as sharp as it could be?) I figure somebody surrounded by James Brown fans wouldn't have gotten out of there alive (haha!) Regardless, it's a fantastic track - glad they rediscovered the master tapes.

    1. I think the remastering pushes the music forward and the noise a little further back. That one interruption is at around 6:18 though it's a little hard to hear compared to earlier versions of this album. On vinyl it's just before the end of side one.

      I first read about this, I believe, in Peter Guralnicks' great Sweet Soul Music book in the late 80s.

      However it washes out, it is, as you write, a fantastic track, one I can listen to over and over, as I have been for over 30 years now. . . .