Saturday, June 25, 2016


Welcome to Odds & Sods Volume 11. After Volume 10’s final selection, the title of our first tune here might be more than apropos. That said, we have a dozen more winners for you. In addition to the fine musical lineup, we have asked Irving Snurd, our indefatigable liner note writer, to take some well deserved time off. So our notes this time around may not be as “colorful” as his but we promise you our programming will cover the entire spectrum. As with all the previous volumes of Odds & Ends we select only the best records from our cavernous archives to play for you. This time out we present recordings from our favorite period of popular music, the mid-fifties through about the mid-sixties, though it must be said that most of the songs on queue this time around were all big hits in the year 1959. We’ll be playing records by household names like Ray Charles, Chuck Berry, and the Kingston Trio along with a good many not-so-well known artists such as the Miller Sisters, the Los Indios Tabajaras, and Prof. Alex Bradford and Sister Bessie Griffin. So set the dial, turn up the volume, grab a bottle or three, and dig in. . . .
—Melvin Cowznofski for Blues All Kinds

Jack Scott • What in the World’s Come Over You • 1959

Get it: Baby She’s Gone

Image: Mudwerks

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