Sunday, June 05, 2016


We’ve been running our Heartaches by the Number series (based on the book of the same name by David Cantwell and Bill Friskics-Warren) for a year now. Though we’ve only covered about 10% of the 500 country singles Cantwell and Friskics-Warren wrote so incisively and entertainingly about, we’re thinking it’s time to bring this series to a close. So for the next six weeks we’ll be running our favorite records from the last couple dozen of the book’s entries leading up to number 500, and with a minimum of commentary on our part.

Fittingly, today’s record is David Allan Coe’s evocation of the “perfect country and western song,” a tongue-in-cheek list of clichéd C&W themes written by Steve Goodman; it’s been a favorite around these parts since first hearing it in the mid-80s on a seventies country LP comp.

But let’s hear Mr. Coe tell it. . . .

489.  You Never Even Called Me by My Name
David Allan Coe • 1975

Get it: The Essential David Allan Coe

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