Sunday, April 17, 2016


“‘No matter what, Charlie Rich was going to tell you the truth,’ Sam Phillips once said. If you need evidence, this record, a barroom weeper that Rich easily could have subtitled ‘The Story of My Life,’ might as well be exhibit number one. Charlie grabs you from the outset—‘I got loaded last night on a bottle of gin / And I had a fight with my best girlfriend.’ Set to a creaky roadhouse shuffle, this couplet alone would’ve been enough to make ‘Sittin’ and Thinkin’ a jukebox staple, but it’s Charlie’s next confession, ‘When I’m drinking I am nobody’s friend,’ that knocks you off your barstool. . . .” —Bill Friskics-Warren, Heartaches by the Number

279.  Sittin’ and Thinkin’ • Charlie Rich • 1962

Get it: The Essential Charlie Rich

Label pic: 45cat

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