Thursday, April 28, 2016


Here is Joseph Falcon, the first Cajun musician to record (“Lafayette,” in 1928), at the age of sixty-three, rocking his accordion live with his Silver Bell String Band. That’s his second wife Thérèse slammin’ the skins.

Joseph Falcon • Creole Stomp • 1963


  1. This recording was done by Valerie Post using her reel-to-reel tape at the Triangle Club. The photo however, was taken a year earlier. Alan Richard, the guitarist on the recording, still remembers this night very well in his late 80s.

    1. I met the Posts in San Diego, c. 1971. Lauren Post had either an original or copy 4x5 negative of the famous photo of Cléoma and Joseph Falcon sitting in the yard with their instruments and I almost talked him into loaning it to me so I could have a 16x20 print made of it. . . .

      On this tune I've always loved Thérèse's thumping time keeping.