Sunday, March 13, 2016


“World War II wreaked havoc on domestic tranquility in the United States. . . . Those who couldn’t endure the isolation sought comfort where they could find it. . . . [As] much as Floyd hopes [he and his lover will] be together for good someday, he can’t shake his suspicion that the pain of living a lie—and perhaps of getting caught—isn’t really worth the pleasure of their furtive couplings. . . .” —Bill Friskics-Warren, Heartaches by the Number

Floyd Tillman • Slipping Around • 1949

As a bonus, click here for a fantastic mid-50s TV clip of Floyd singing his big hit from 1949, “Slipping Around,” with a nice Hank Garland guitar solo at about 1:14.

78 label: Discogs


  1. What a curious delivery, even more so on the live version. Performers on those Louisiana Hayride type shows usually stood stock still as they sang, but Floyd is so animated. Fascinating stuff. I'd not heard of Floyd Tillman before today, but am now off to dig a bit deeper. Thanks for the intro.

    1. Thanks, Swede, that's what we're here for! As to Floyd Tillman, from hearing his records, I wouldn't have thought of him being so animated, but there we have it straight from the telly. . . .