Thursday, March 31, 2016


Yes, “From Russia With Love.” That sums up 1963 to a tee. James Bond, U2 (not that one, silly, Francis Gary Powers, CIA spy flier), Dr. No, Astro Boy, all in the news. There’s more: Mona Lisa comes to the U.S.; “Ich bin ein Berliner;” Please Please Me is released the same week Alcatraz closes; Tristan Tzara passes away on Christmas Day; and the New Year’s Eve crowd in Times Square is the drunkest of all time. And let’s not forget Christine Keeler! Of course, there was much of interest in the world of music. The Anaheim Kingsmen Drum and Bugle Corps was formed as were The Shangri-Las and The Village Fugs. Some great singles this year, many of which can be heard in the Dinosauric Preception special edition on presentation herein: “Louie Louie,” “In My Room,” “Sweet Dreams,” “Ashita Ga Arusa,” “Donna the Prima Donna,” “Walkin’ the Dog,” and “Wipeout!” But enough with the statistics. Let’s get to the music, 1963’s twelve big top hits. . . . 
—Irving Snerd, disc jockey with Top 40 Radio

Betty Harris • Cry to Me • 1963

Thanks to Wikipedia for the stats

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