Saturday, January 09, 2016


We have now, after many posts, reached ground zero in our long running “Odds and Ends” series, a seeming contradiction in terms. But if you will listen closely to the songs and tunes selected you will notice a pattern emerging, a definition of the terms “Odds and Ends,” not only exemplified by the great eponymous Jimmy Reed number of the same name, but also in our series-defining selection of great records, everything from pop to rock and roll with stops in-between. We have for your aural delight performers as diverse as James Brown and Troy Hess, Lenny Bruce and Waylon Jennings. And remember to listen closely for the hidden clue in the lyrics of the Utica Institute Singers’ tune, our earliest-recorded this time around. As Jimmy Reed exclaims on our opening number, “You name ’em, I’ll play ’em!” —Irving “Duke” Snurd, Odds and Ends manager of continuity

Jimmy Reed • Oh John • 1962

Jimmy Reed, vocal/harmonica/guitar; prob. Lefty Bates, guitar; Jimmy Reed Jr., bass; Al Duncan, drums. Chicago, 1962

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