Sunday, January 10, 2016


“By the time he crossed over as the Silver Fox, Charlie Rich had already cut dozens of amazing though commercially unsuccessful recordings. . . . Nearly all of Rich’s sides in these years were jazzy and rocking, soulful and country. Indeed, they were all of these things at once. And while that made for timeless music, it didn’t do the singer any favors with radio programmers. . . .

“By the end of the [sixties], though, country music had incorporated the very elements that had once placed Rich’s music ahead of the pop and country curves. So when Sun . . . re-released the record in 1970, it managed, just barely, to dent the country charts. More importantly, the second coming of ‘Who Will the Next Fool Be,’ with its country-soul rhythms and bluesy vocal restraint, provided a sneak preview of Rich’s many countrypolitan hits to come. And a reminder of all the earlier ones that had gotten away.” —David Cantwell, Heartaches by the Number

453.  Who Will The Next Fool Be • Charlie Rich • 1961, 1970

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Sun 1110 label (re-release): Discogs

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