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The new Blues Images calendar for 2017 was released a couple of months ago and, a “cliché but true,” it’s just wonderful. The sound reproduction on the accompanying CD is the best I’ve heard yet for many songs I’ve known and loved for decades. (And I’m sure the ones I’m not so familiar with have never sounded better either!) A number of reviews have noted the presence of the music, beyond the noise of the often battered 78s they were transferred from, sounding “like the artists are in the room with you.” Some of the notable tracks are Charley Patton’s “Lord I’m Discouraged,” “Outside Woman Blues” by Blind Joe Reynolds, my all-time favorite Blind Willie Johnson tune, “Let Your Light Shine on Me.” Also notable for both sound restoration and terrific performances are Skip James’ “Illinois Blues”/“Yola My Blues Away,” Garfield Akers’ fabulous two-part “Cottonfield Blues,” “Chain ’Em Down” and “Louisiana Glide” from Blind Leroy Garnett, and this week’s Blue Monday offering, Memphis Minnie’s “I’m Talking About You” and its flip “Bumble Bee.” Both have never sounded better. Smart listeners will head straight over to the Blues Images website and buy the new calendar and accompanying CD right now, post haste, schnell!

Memphis Minnie • I’m Talking About You • 1930

Memphis Minnie • Bumble Bee • 1930

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The Staple Singers • There Was A Star • 1962

Find it: Faith & Grace

LP cover: Popsike

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The original. . . .

The Slades • You Cheated • 1958

Find it: The Domino Records Story

Label: Colorradio

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I used to play it slow
But now I play it fast
You oughta see the women
Shake their yas yas yas

Peetie Wheatstraw (The Devil’s Son-In-Law)

Peetie Wheatstraw, vocal/piano; Lonnie Johnson, guitar; string bass; drums. Recorded in New York City, 1 Apr 1938.

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“Temperature risin’, the jukebox blowin’ a fuse.” Volume 11 of Blue Monday is here, and it’s a hot mess however you may construe the term. Swampy midnight-to-sunrise bottleneck piano-rompin’ spo-dee-o-dee rhythm & blues. Blue Monday as you like it. “And that’s it.”

Lightnin' Slim • I’m Leavin’ You Baby • 1959

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Paul Robeson • Joe Hill • 1958

Get it: Live at Carnegie Hall

LP cover: Ace Records

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Here’s a nice revival of Ritchie Valens’ big hit from the La Bamba movie soundtrack.

Los Lobos • La Bamba • 1987

Get it: Just Another Band From East L.A.: A Collection

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Johnny Young & Big Walter • Sometimes I Cry • 1968

Johnny Young, vocal/guitar; Walter Horton, harmonica; Jimmy Dawkins, lead guitar; Lafayette Leake, piano; Ernest Gatewood, bass; Lester Dorsie, drums. Chicago, 27 November 1967

Get it: Chicago Blues

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Your head is nappy / Your feet so mamlish long
It look like a turkey / Comin’ through the mamlish corn

Bobby Grant • Nappy Head Blues • 1927

Note: When the pictured LP came out in 1968 Bobby Grant was thought to be from Mississippi. In the years following he has probably been more accurately placed as an Alabama artist.

LP cover: American Music

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Woody’s old song done up just right by The Highwaymen, with a moving guest shot by Johnny Rodriguez that brings it all home. . . .

Johnny Cash, Johnny Rodriguez, Willie Nelson

Get it: Highwayman

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We return now to our regularly scheduled broadcast. . . .

“Little Eddie” Kirkland • It’s Time For Lovin’ To Be Done • 1952

Eddie Kirkland, vocal/guitar; John Lee Hooker, vocal/guitar. Detroit, 1952

Get it: No More Doggin’ – The RPM Records Story Volume 1: 1950–53

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Here’s a real strange one from “Mr. Blues” considering the rest of his canon, but it fits the mood here at Blues All Kinds HQ on this sunny Sunday. . . .

Wynonie Harris • Song of the Bayou • 1953

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. . . I know that it’s real

Since late Tuesday night my mind and emotions have run the gamut from feeling gobsmacked, depressed, really pissed off, and back again, round and round it goes, where it stops nobody knows. So please bear with me for a few minutes to imagine this song not as regret for a love lost but as it might apply to the current nightmarish scenario here in these Newnited States.

I’ve perversely chosen, since we’re living in pretty perverse times, not Jerry Lee Lewis’s classic 1956 Sun recording (nor Ray Price’s ’56 hit for that matter), but this version from the soundtrack of the buffoonish 1989 movie Great Balls of Fire! starring a way over the top Dennis Quaid as Jerry Lee because somehow in this upside down world it seems to fit. . . .

Jerry Lee Lewis & Dennis Quaid • Crazy Arms • 1989

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“We’ll meet,
I know we’ll meet
Beyond the sea. . . .”

Bobby Darin • Beyond the Sea • 1958

Get it: The Ultimate Bobby Darin

Image copyright © 2016 by BB Editions. All rights reserved.

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A review copy of the pictured LP arrived one day around 1985 all beat to hell (as pictured) from 
out of nowhere (well, from Malaco Records). I hadn’t followed the many incarnations of the Nightingales over the years after the departure of Rev. Julius Cheeks, but I put the record on 
and was immediately taken with “Hard Headed Jonah.” Still am.

The Sensational Nightingales • Hard Headed Jonah • 1985

Monday, November 07, 2016


Well my telephone number
CHerry I-8-1-2
Come on over, baby, when you’re lonesome
And lose your lowdown worried blues

Joe Turner • The Chill Is On • 1951

Get it: Greatest Hits

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J. B. Hutto & The New Hawks • I’m Leaving You • 1983

J. B. Hutto, vocal/guitar; Brian Bisesi, guitar; Kenny Krumbholz, bass; Leroy Pina, drums; Ron Levy, piano; Greg Piccolo, tenor sax; Rich Lataille, alto sax; Doug James, baritone sax. Carlisle, Massachusetts, February–March 1983

Monday, October 31, 2016


Victoria Spivey • Dirty T.B. Blues • 1929

Victoria Spivey, vocal; Henry Allen, trumpet; J. C. Higginbotham, trombone; Charlie Holmes, soprano sax; Teddy Hill, tenor sax; Luis Russell, piano; Will Johnson, guitar; Pops Foster, double bass. New York City, 1 October 1929

Image: YouTube

Friday, October 28, 2016


Here’s Nathan Abshire and his Pine Grove Boys, with steel player Darius LeBlanc taking the vocal on the old Joe Werner tune, “Wondering.”

Nathan Abshire & The Pine Grove Boys • Wondering • 1958

Rear photo: (left to right) Darius LeBlanc, Cleveland “Cat” Deshotel, Thomas Langley, Nathan Abshire, Junior Benoit. c.late 1950s. Front photo: Thomas Langley, “Cat” Deshotel, Darius LeBlanc. c.late 1950s. Photos and label shot courtesy of Lyle Ferbrache.

Monday, October 24, 2016


When the sun rose this mornin’, I was diggin’ those clarinet blues. . . .

Will Day • Sunrise Blues • 1928

Will Day, vocal; unknown clarinet and guitar. New Orleans, 25 April 1928

Sunday, October 23, 2016


Nathan Abshire is, along with Iry LeJeune and Lawrence Walker, one of the greatest Cajun accordion players and singers of all time. Though Abshire made a small handful of records in the prewar era, it was beginning in 1949 with his recording of “Pine Grove Blues” that he rose to fame, if not fortune, in South Louisiana. He made a number of recordings of his big hit “Pine Grove Blues” over the years, all truly fine; here’s one he recorded in later years with the Balfa Brothers for the LP market.

The Balfa Brothers Orchestra with Nathan Abshire • Pine Grove Blues • 1973

Photo of Nathan Abshire courtesy of Lyle Ferbrache and Louisiana Music

Friday, October 21, 2016


This 1958 edition of “Odds & Ends” will take us “beyond the sea” in more ways than one as you will shortly see. Or hear. Nineteen fifty-eight was a phenomenal year for all types of popular music, as our twelve top tunes will attest. Stay with us as we spin gold out of plastic. First up: Jimmy Clanton and the Rockets.

Jimmy Clanton & His Rockets • Just a Dream • 1958

Wednesday, October 19, 2016


Rockin’ Sidney Simien had a brief blast of international fame with his self-produced (he also played all the instruments) 1985 single “My Toot Toot.” It was released on Maison de Soul, became a huge regional hit and was leased out to Epic where it became an international million seller, won a Grammy, and generated dozens of cover versions by artists as diverse as Fats Domino and John Fogerty. Rockin’ Sidney used some of his royalties to buy a radio station and entertainment complex in Lake Charles, Louisiana, and started his own record label, ZBC. He continued to tour the U.S. and Europe for many years thereafter; he passed away in 1998. 

Rockin’ Sidney • My Toot Toot • 1984

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Staple Singers • Too Close • 1960

Get it: The Ultimate Staple Singers: A Family Affair 1955–1984; also, the medley from which this performance is excerpted, comprising “Too Close,” “I’m On My Way Home,” “I’m Coming Home,” and “He’s Alright” can be found on Faith & Grace: A Family Journey 1953–1976.

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“Dear God, it’s late. I hope I didn’t get you up . . .
You see, God . . . my daddy needs straightening out. . . .”

Porter Wagoner • Little Boy’s Prayer • 1970

Find it: The Rubber Room

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I feel like cryin’, ain’t got no tears to spare
I had a happy home and I wouldn’t stay there

Mattie Delaney • Down The Big Road Blues • 1930

LP cover: American Music

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Somewhere around 1970 I played this Terry Clément track along with a few others for a Louisiana transplant in Richmond, Virginia, and he sniffily told me it wasn’t Cajun music, it was rock’n’roll. Whatever it was/is, it’s a good one, and everyone involved is fully letting the bon temps roll.

(We’re re-upping this as we got a nice comment from WF, who knows what he’s talking about, and also the audio link is now updated. It was originally posted in 2014.)

Terry Clement & His Rhythmic Five

Terry Clément, accordion; Purvis Clément, vocal/fiddle; Marshall Arceneaux, guitar; Ronnie Goudreaux, drums; Jerry Dugas, steel guitar.

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Alex Bradford with Bessie Griffin

Get it: Rainbow in the Sky

Image: All Music