Monday, December 07, 2015


We come now to our “lucky 7” installment of the Blues What Am. And I am gratified as well as considering myself lucky to be here presenting this latest batch of hot rhythm & blues to you, the highly esteemed listening audience. This month our programmers have culled a number of obscured as well as a sprinkling of well known favorites as they trawl slowly through the BAK vaults. We are happy to feature recordings by performers such as the rare Harvey Hill String Band, El Watson’s very exciting train blues, a naughty one by one of the Red brothers tempered by a reprimand from the guitar slinging reverend, Anderson Johnson. We hope this latest compilation will take you, in the words of Bobby Blue Bland, “farther up the road” and will deposit you in your favorite “rocking chair.” —Melvin Cowznofski, furthermost blues authority and disc jockey (emeritus)

Harvey Hill Jr. • She Fool Me • 1953 
“Music by Harvey Hill String Band”

Harvey Hill, vocal/guitar; with harmonica; guitar; drums. Detroit, c. 1953

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