Wednesday, December 09, 2015


Nineteen fifty-seven, that was the year that was, so to speak. Laika the Sputnik 2 cosmonaut, Peyton Place and the integration of Central High school, “I Like Ike” and Elvis Presley from the waist down on TV. It was also the “Call of the Wildest” in the musical entertainment field as this week’s song selection will show. The Browns were riding high off their big hit “The Three Bells,” Slim Harpo was the King Bee if not the King of Rock’n’Roll, we learned to do the “Bacon Fat.” Our Top Ten for this feral period also includes some fine rhythm & blues by Bobo Jenkins, Ann Cole, Slim Harpo and Sam Butera; more very exciting rockabilly hits by Bonnie Guitar, Sleepy La Beef, Ray Harris and Hank Snow. And that’s not meant to exclude the great Louis Armstrong and his rendition of the ever popular tale of Mack Macheath. And of course we have Elvis Presley, hot off the Sullivan show. So stay tuned, don’t touch that dial, and we’ll take you on a musical excursion through that penultimate year of the fifties, 1957.  
—Irving Snird, disc jockey emeritus, radio entrepreneur, and liner note writer    

Louis Armstrong & His All Stars • Mack the Knife • 1957

Louis Armstrong, trumpet/vocal; Trummy Young, trombone; Edmond Hall, clarinet; Billy Kyle, piano; Arville Shaw, bass; Barrett Deems, drums. New York City, 28 September 1955

Get it: The Essential Louis Armstrong

Pictured: Laika the doggie cosmonaut, from a Russian matchbook cover via Dogster. For more on Laika, see her 

Wikipedia entry.


  1. Never heard Louis's version before, Kid (a nice mono copy, too!) Yeah, I know - picky, picky, picky . . . Think I know which Ann Cole is coming. It was an early one on CTTT too.

    1. Thank you, Marie. Though Bobby Darin's was the one on kid-time radio, you can't beat Satch! (And yep, Ann Cole will have it workin' real soon. . . .)