Monday, November 16, 2015


When this song came out on the LP pictured below in the late ’60s, it was credited to “Anonymous.” Though civil rights had officially been the law of the land for several years, when Mance Lipscomb recorded “Tom Moore’s Farm” in 1960, he was a 65-year old farmer and lived in east Texas in the same county that the powerful and infamous Tom Moore had his plantation, so “anonymous” seemed the prudent way to go. (When Lightning Hopkins made his version of the song in 1948, it was issued as “Tim Moore’s Farm” and after the record was released he was allegedly “told” by Moore himself not to sing the song publicly.) Mance made a number of recordings of the song over the years, and by the early ’70s, times changed somewhat, he even sang the song at the request of one of Mr. Moore’s sons at a house party, though Mance later told Arhoolie’s Chris Strachwitz he didn’t sing the least flattering verses.

Mance Lipscomb • Tom Moore’s Farm • 1960

Mance Lipscomb, vocal/guitar. Navasota, Texas, 30 June 1960

You can find plenty of Mance Lipscomb’s recordings here, both on CD and LP.

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