Saturday, October 17, 2015

ODDS & ENDS Vol. 8

About These Songs . . .

As evidenced by our front cover, not to mention the playlist that will make itself evident in the coming weeks, it will be instantly obvious that this latest volume, number 8, is our Dance Album for this year. All the tunes contained herein have long been favorites on dance floors across the land, whether a waltz, a blues, or a schottishe. And for those with a taste for exotic floor fillers we present Mlle. Silvia Vartan’s “Madison Twist,” a grand Gallic hit for her in 1962.

Of special note is the oldest extant recording, more than one hundred years old, of the song “Malagueña,” accorded top status in recent decades by Minnesota’s surfing Trashmen.

We have included a number of international ballroom favorites such as Marlene Dietrich’s “Ich bin von Kopf bis Fuß auf Liebe eingestellt” and Nathan Abshire’s gigantic Cajun number one, “Ma Negresse.”

If you like your tunes “slow ‘n’ moody black & bluesy,” we also have “Open Up the Back Door” and “Pinegrove Blues.” In keeping with our goal of social relevancy is Ry Cooder’s recent tune, proving that all dance music does not require excess jollity.  —Irving Snerd, Station KBMJ, Lompoc   

Cat Power • I Believe in You • 2008

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Image: internet, unremembered source

Coming next week: Crying Sam Collins, Richard Thompson, Robert & Johnny, Buck & Rose, 
Big Maceo, Cuarteto Coculense, and the next installment in our ongoing Heartaches by the Number series.

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