Sunday, October 25, 2015


“Whitney Houston’s enormously popular 1992 recording of ‘I Will Always Love You’ showcased a preposterous attachment to static, stentorian vocal pyrotechnics. The result was an impressive performance but one that lacks any warmth or human-scale emotion. It’s like Aretha Franklin had taken singing lessons from Al Jolson.

“By contrast, [Dolly] Parton’s 1974 original is fragile, dynamic, forward-looking. . . . At the chorus, Dolly’s voice sounds confident even as it sheds tears; she knows it’s time to strike out on her own but her departure will be bittersweet just the same. . . .” —David Cantwell, Heartaches by the Number

331.  I Will Always Love You • Dolly Parton • 1974

Get it: I Will Always Love You: The Essential Dolly Parton, Vol. 1

Single picture sleeve: Wikipedia

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