Monday, September 14, 2015


Because “The Blues What Am” also comprises, in the words of Mr Dorsey, “Blues, jazz, the gospel,” we are happy to include many examples of each kind, from real gutbucket blues to the finest jazz as well as the most exciting gospel quartets performing today and yesterday. Such illustrious names as pianists Arizona Dranes, Charles Avery, and Alexander Moore round out our pianistic contingent this time around; in the field of blues we present Blind Uncle Gaspard, Salty Dog Sam, and Smokey Hogg (who also can be heard accompanying Whistling Alex Moore). Rounding out our tripartite list we do have Louis Armstrong and King Oliver amongst the luminaries presented for your listening satisfaction. All true examples lending personification 
to the old and ancient saying of “The Blues What Am.” Happy listening. 
—Melvin Cowznofski, resident blues authority and disc jockey emeritus

Big Joe Williams • Married Woman Blues • 1960

Big Joe Williams, vocal/guitar. Los Gatos, California, 5 October 1960

Get it: I Have to Paint My Face.

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