Sunday, September 13, 2015


“Tears in your beer music, cantina style, replete with doleful waltz-time rhythms and an accordion weeping in the background. . . . In some respects [Conjunto Bernal’s] ‘Mi Unico Camino’ anticipates the tortured romanticism of fellow Texans Roy Orbison and Johnny Bush, singers who, like many others, were inspired by the Tejano music of the Bernal brothers and their peers. . . .” 
—Bill Friskics-Warren, Heartaches by the Number  

254.  Mi Unico Camino • Conjunto Bernal • 1959

Ruben Perez, first voice; Paulino Bernal, accordion/third voice; Eloy Bernal, bajo sexto/second voice. January 1959 

Get it: Tejano Roots.

Label pic: The Strachwitz Frontera Collection/UCLA

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  1. makes me want to break out the cerveza and salsa!