Sunday, August 23, 2015


After 12 weeks, we’ve skipped forward and today we’re playing this series’ theme song, perfectly placed at the halfway point of Heartaches by the Number. And David Cantwell’s essay on this entry is so good, so short and sweet, there’s no way we’re gonna mess that up by trying extract a quote from it. So you’ll just have to run right out and get yourself a copy of HBTN if you want to find out where and why Ray stops counting. . . .

251.  Heartaches by the Number • Ray Price • 1959

Ray Price, vocal; Grady Martin, Pete Wade, guitars; Jimmy Day, steel guitar; Tommy Jackson, Shorty Lavender, fiddles; Marvin Hughes, piano; Harold Bradley, electric bass; Joe Zinkan, acoustic bass; Doug Kirkham, drums. Nashville, 
29 January 1959

“Heartaches by the Number” is on The Essential Ray Price.

Note: There seems to be a problem with the Box player on the Kid’s posts, like today’s Heartaches by the Number. We don’t know why. Frank’s seem to play but not the Kid’s. Tho’ we tested this post on both an iPhone and an iPad and both played fine. So bear with us as we try to figure this one out. . . .

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