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“‘Your hand is like a torch each time you touch me,’ Jeannie Seely moans, her body trembling as the tingle, frozen by a chiming vibraphone, becomes a chill. ‘Don’t open the door to heaven if I can’t come in / Don’t touch me if you don’t love me,’ she begs, her tear-stained voice throbbing with unfulfilled desire. . . . ‘To have you, then lose you, wouldn’t be smart on my part,’ she groans in a ravaged quaver, torturing the word ‘part’ for an agonizing eight counts until at last her voice breaks and, with it, her heart.” Bill Friskics-Warren’s description of Jeannie Seely’s performance 
of “Don’t Touch Me” in HBTN are poetry pure and simple. Now try listening to Jeannie Seely sing it and see if the chill bumps don’t rise all over. . . .

97.  Don’t Touch Me • Jeannie Seely • 1966

Jeannie Seely, vocal; Jerry Reed Hubbard, guitar; poss. Charles Buck Trent, bass; Buddy Harman, drums; Bobby Emmons, keyboards; Floyd Cramer, piano; Charlie McCoy, vibraphone. Nashville, 2 February 1966

To hear Bettye Swann’s 1968 version, click here.

Jeannie Seely image from YouTube.

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