Thursday, July 02, 2015


Inconsolable: decades-old war poems resonate 2015, world without end, amen. As Mingus reflects this reality from a darkened room, 1963, and Dimitur ferries teenage Stoyanova’s plaint across decades, so our local cantina is serving it up 100 proof. . . . Johnny Twovoice wails gospel-syncopated “oh baby” on out Central Avenue, across burnt out lanes, over high line poles, Plains states to Asia Minor. “Is anyone living to look for future forgiveness?” A lone mandolin trills its response from an Appalachian front porch.  —FJ

Greg Brown • Joy Tears • 2006

Greg Brown, acoustic guitar/harmonica/vocals; Bo Ramsey, electric guitar; Rico Cicalo, acoustic bass/electric bass; Steve Hayes, drums/percussion; Ricky Peterson, acoustic piano/B3. Memphis, c. 2006

“Joy Tears” is the first track on Greg Brown’s The Evening Call.

Image: Japanese women walk through Hiroshima ruins, August 1945.

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