Friday, July 17, 2015


Oh, mama loochie! This one’s been creating excitement all over blues fandom since the news broke of its imminent release a few months ago. Now it’s here. We haven’t had a chance to listen yet, it’s only an hour out of the mailbox, but I doubt we’ll have to retract our headline any time soon. Tampa Red’s postwar Victor and Bluebird recordings, for the first time in pristine sound, straight from the original tapes and metalwork transfers. The first track of this 2-CD set from Ace is our feature today: a previously unheard take of “Evalena” with a typically fine Tampa vocal but no stinging slide, a barking amplified harmonica break by Big Walter Horton, and fabulous rollicking piano by the great Little Johnny Jones. Couldn’t be better. Everybody “within the sound of my voice” should “Run, Don’t Walk” to your nearest dealer and get this set today. Check out full details on Ace’s website for Tampa Red’s Dynamite! The Unsung King of the Blues.

Tampa Red • Evalena [take A] • 1953

Tampa Red, vocal/guitar; Little Johnny Jones, piano; Walter Horton, harmonica; Willie Lacey, guitar; Ransom Knowling, bass; Odie Payne, drums. Chicago, 4 December 1953

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