Tuesday, July 14, 2015


Well, folks, we been kicking this dog around for four years today.* BB’s Magic Jukebox was started on a whim as a boredom killer, changed its name to Blues All Kinds somewhere along the way to better suit our sensibilities, added an administrator (the aptly named Frank Jive), and continues to bring you a song a day almost every day of the year. We nearly closed BAK down a year ago, but due to popular demand (one listener, actually) decided to remain as your faithful “one-a-day brand” internet jukebox for a while longer. So stick with us, have fun listening, put up with our ofttimes silly written expositions and incompetent guest liner notes, and we’ll try to continue to post our usual schizophrenic mix of tunes from the past hundred or so years that has proved so popular with our listening audience.

Earl Curry & His Orchestra • One Whole Year Baby • 1954

William Curry, vocal; with saxes; piano; bass; drums. Los Angeles, 18 December 1953

Listen to four whole years’ worth of RPM singles on Ace’s ace new collection Speak Easy: The RPM Records Story, Volume 2, 1954–57

*That original post can be found here. Many thanks to Boogiewoody and Marie for help getting started and 

encouragement along the way! (Unfortunately, many of the songs posted prior to 2015 are not playable right now 
as the file server host player thingy divShare seems to have gone under. We will try to bring back as many older 
posts as possible via a different host, Box, but that’s a time consuming job and will be undertaken only a little at 
a time.)


  1. Funny lyrics, Kid, and appropriate! He was clearly influenced (at least on this particular song) by Rosco Gordon's 'No More Doggin.'' ;-)

    Thanks for the shout-out!

    1. Why, thanks Marie, you've been a big encourager right from the beginning. "January, February, March, April, May, etc." Much obliged.

  2. I like your blog a lot. I should leave more comments. Found a lot of cool stuff here. Thank you.

    1. Hi, Mike, thanks for your comment. Feel free to comment or not, but we do like to get feedback!