Sunday, June 21, 2015


By the time we get to position number 4 in HBTN with the Carter Family’s 1935 remake of “Will 
the Circle Be Unbroken,” authors Cantwell and Friskics-Warren will have taken us through four decades in country music history, the forties through the seventies, although the entries are not and won’t be chronological. Today, in the second decade of the twenty-first century, the circle appears to be very broken judged by much of the scheiße coming out of Nashville these days. 
But this is a jigsaw puzzle we’re workin’ on here, remember? So the end product remains to be seen. Meanwhile, we might take comfort in the Carters’ assertion that “there’s a better home 
a-waiting . . . bye and bye.” (No quotes from HBTN today, just a little opining by your host, 
Frank Jive.)

Carter Family • 1935

Sara Carter, Maybelle Carter, A. P. Carter, vocal trio; Sara Carter, autoharp; Maybelle Carter, guitar. New York City, 
6 May 1935

You can find most of the Carter Family’s 1935 and 1940 ARC recordings on Sony/Legacy’s Can the Circle Be Unbroken.


  1. A favourite Carter Family tune, Frank. Love Maybelle's guitar!

    1. Many thanks, Marie. Stay tuned for more. . . .