Sunday, June 14, 2015


Of “Crazy,” David Cantwell writes in HBTN, “. . . Patsy Cline . . . express[es] the misery and confusion in Willie Nelson’s lyric by making her voice break and sob. . . . Every element is calculated for effect, yet nothing in the effect feels calculated—there’s just a woman in pain. . . . Forty years later, ‘Crazy’ unexpectedly comes on the radio or jukebox and conversations just stop.”

3.  Crazy • Patsy Cline • 1961

Patsy Cline, vocal; session personnel: Harold Bradley, electric bass; Floyd Cramer, organ/piano; Walter Haynes, steel guitar; Buddy Harman, drums; Randy Hughes, acoustic guitar; Grady Martin, electric guitar; Bob Moore, electric bass. Nashville, 21 August 1961

“Crazy” is on the Patsy Cline collection Sweet Dreams : The Complete Decca Studio Masters, 1960–1963.

Image: Billboard

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