Friday, May 08, 2015


This ad-lib of Louis Jordan’s big hit is about as nasty sounding as Carl Perkins ever got on record. This apparently well-oiled session also produced the single “Matchbox”/“Your True Love” as well as originally unreleased takes of “Caldonia,” “Her Love Rubbed Off,” “You Can Do No Wrong,” “Roll Over Beethoven,” and “Put Your Cat Clothes On.” Most of these tunes later saw the light of day on various LP reissues and were finally collected on Bear Family’s Carl Perkins box set, pictured below.

Carl Perkins • Caldonia [Outtake] • 1957

Carl Perkins, vocal/guitar; Jay B. Perkins, guitar; Clayton Perkins, bass; W. S. Holland, drums; Jerry Lee Lewis, piano.  706 Union Ave, Memphis, 30 January 1957

The Classic Carl Perkins is still available from Bear Family.

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