Saturday, April 04, 2015

ODDS & ENDS Vol. 7

Chet Atkins • Walk, Don’t Run • 1957

Chet Atkins, guitar; Bob Moore, bass; Buddy Harman, drums; Floyd Cramer, piano. Nashville, 14 July 1957

Photo: Pete Chatto, Ocean Beach, Summer 1962. Copyright © 2015 by Brad Barrett. All rights reserved. 
Used with permission.

Run, don’t walk, into next week . . . cuz here’s our lineup: Charlie Rich; Big Joe Turner; Jimmy C. Newman; Bessie Jones & Hobart Smith; Rosie Flores; Duckett & Norwood; and Lee Morgan. . . .


  1. Nice one - he's such a versatile guitarist! Now you've inspired me to track down Johnny Smith's '54 version to compare.

    1. Thank you, Marie. I think this Chet Atkins version is the closest link to the Ventures 1960 version. Check ODDS & ENDS Vol. 6 No. 7 out for Johnny Smith's.