Monday, December 29, 2014


“Mother Nature does wonderful things. . . .”

Roy Rogers & His Saddle Pals
Time Changes Everything • 1940

This is unissued take B with lots of hot playing. Roy Rogers, vocal; Woodrow Wines, guitar; Gene Haas, electric guitar; Homer Rhodes, electric steel guitar; Rufus Cline, string bass; Spade Cooley, fiddle; Carl Cotner, fiddle. Los Angeles, 29 November 1940

Photo: Lynda Carter and Roy Rogers, 1977 from Vonter Voman

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  1. Frank,
    I don't have any Roy Rogers and I'm not sure I'd seek out a disc devoted strictly to him (even though he has a decent voice), but as you said, nice steel & electric guitar work and fiddle playing from Cooley. I've got some Sons of the Pioneers' tracks, but have no idea if Roy Rogers is on any of them.

    Did he do any hillbilly blues-style tunes early on in his career?