Tuesday, December 09, 2014


Part Two shuffles in with a joyous so glad I got good religion post-Army late night Nashville party session and the white boys gettin’ all the way down to Lowell Fulson blues and “E” commanding those blues to give yourself just a little more time as drum rolls sax & git-tars collide with Monday morning and Fulson himself back on the county farm till Texas & Oklahoma migrate to Oakland & L.A.: Hot dogs & barbecue on the avenue OK, just stay far from Tin Pan Alley: pistol shots, two by fours, shouts of “Needed Time” ascend from the mourners bench as back in Alabama Jerry McCain holds steady.

Elvis Presley • Reconsider Baby • 1960

Elvis Presley, vocal/guitar; Scotty Moore, Hank Garland, guitars; Bob Moore, bass; Buddy Harman, D. J. Fontana, drums; Floyd Cramer, piano; Boots Randolph, sax. Nashville, 4 April 1960

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