Friday, November 07, 2014


Ha ha . . . When MCA reissued the 1969 LP Bummer Road on CD in 1997, they put a “Parental Advisory” warning sticker on the CD cover due to the “m-f-” cussfest between Sonny Boy and Leonard Chess on the “Little Village” outtakes. Today’s song, “Unseen Eye,” from the same 1957 session as “Little Village,” made its first appearance on the Bummer Road album. It’s a warning to Miss Mary Belle to “be careful in what you say or do” and features some fittingly atmospheric low register harp playing from the master.

Sonny Boy Williamson • Unseen Eye • 1957

Sonny Boy Williamson, vocal/harmonica; Otis Spann, piano; Robert Lockwood, Luther Tucker, guitars; Willie Dixon, bass; Fred Below, drums. Chicago, September 1957

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