Thursday, October 23, 2014

ODDS & ENDS Vol. 5


“You can’t feel elec-a-tricity a-movin’ on the line.” With those words Jimmy Murphy has described our latest Odds & Ends collection to a “T.” This new batch of hot and popular tunes is both electric and electrifying as evidenced by artists as diverse and eclectic as Mustard & Gravy, the Hodges Brothers, and our series’ namesake, Jimmy Reed. Bo Diddley is also back with his little friend Frank Jive, the 12-year old boy. Floyd Tillman sings his great unissued single of “Cold Cold Beer,” a perfectly danceable tune, as is “Surfin’ School” by the King Uszniewicz aggregation. And who can forget the high school years with the Doo-Wop stylings of The Fugs.

Blind Willie Johnson is represented by his big spiritual hit “Let Your Light Shine on Me,” and Mustard & Gravy keep the good times rolling with their tale of Jonah and the Whale.

Of particular note is the machine-like precision of the percussionist on Jerry McCain’s “The Bells.” And Mickey Newbury reminds us that it is the old songs in their many forms that keep us coming back for more.  —Irving Snurd, Programmer/Janitor, Radio K-BAK

Charlie Feathers • We’re Getting Closer To Being Apart

No telling when this previously unissued version of “We’re Getting Closer to Being Apart” was recorded; He calls out his son Bubba for a guitar solo, so it’s probably post sixties. What can be known is that this is Charlie at his best. Wild Side of Life is the collection to get for this one.

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