Sunday, September 07, 2014


Finally got around to availing myself of the Frog Blues & Jazz Annual (there are three issues so far). As its name implies it is a roughly “annual” production, 8.25" x 11.75", 176 pages, printed in color on heavy glossy paper, chock full of articles on prewar blues and jazz (primarily) and each issue comes with a 26 track CD containing songs that tie into the articles in the annual (natcherly), very well remastered and fun to listen to on their own without even cracking the book (though you would want to). I took the music along on a recent road trip and spent one day listening to all three volumes, heard a lot of songs new to my ears and generally just had a lot of fun with it. We’ll be featuring sides from all three volumes in the coming weeks, starting off today with “Tomi Tomi” by Kanui & Lula (nope, not blues or jazz, but related), a Hawaiian-French duo recorded in Paris. If you want to look into obtaining the Frog Blues & Jazz Annual for yourself (and you should, you should) just aim your browser to

Kanui & Lula • Tomi Tomi • 1933

William Kulii Kanui, vocal/guitar. Paris, 21 June 1933


  1. I wasn't expecting to enjoy this track, but I DO - was also surprised by the wonderful mastering! Can't wait until you post a few more.

    1. Thanks, Marie. Glad you like it. I've been enjoying the song for years but only just found out via the Frog annual it was recorded in Paris and that Kanui's entire career was in Europe after having travelled there from Hawai‘i before WWI, and that Lula was a French dancer he teamed up with.