Wednesday, August 06, 2014


Muddy Waters • Screaming and Crying • 1950

Muddy Waters, vocal/guitar; Johnny Jones, piano; Leroy Foster, guitar, bass drum, hi-hat. Chicago, 
late summer 1949


  1. Don't know why, maybe because of the album title or a passing comment from someone, but I didn't pay any attention to these when I saw them about, thinking they were '60s recordings. I had no idea that the material on them was the real deal. Thanks for setting me straight.

    1. I think the Real Folk Blues series was Chess' entry into the "folk-blues boom" market. Either the RFBs or the MRFBs had liner notes by Paul Williams of Crawdaddy so these albums were pitched directly at hip white kids. But no matter, the Muddy, Sonny Boy, and Wolf LPs are great, and the John Lee Hooker is pretty good; there was also a Memphis Slim compiled from purchased material but I don't think many people heard that one. Thankfully, MCA did twofer CD reissues of most of the albums, with good sound, around a dozen or so years ago. If still in print, they're all worth picking up!

  2. "I used to have 7 wives, I used to have 23 kids." Sounds like the blues to me.
    If that slide playing doesn't make the hair on your arms stand up, you might want to check your pulse.

  3. Thanks, Snakeboy. You right, that slide! Ditto for the flip side "Where's My Woman Been." (I posted that one back in February if you want to check it out.) I always used to think he was singing "23 girlfriends" but I just listened again and now I'm not sure what he's singing! Either way, like you said . . . the blues. . . .