Saturday, August 16, 2014

ODDS & ENDS Vol. 4

We left you last time pondering the sad fate of Frankie the ho-dad, and this time around we shall attempt to bring you up to date on that very popular musical genre, World Music and all of our artists are certainly worldly and occasionally world weary. We have tunes from across the hemisphere, from the shores of Old México to Saint-Säens with stops along the way in such out of the way locations as the Saharan Desert and the island of Cuba, as well as Mexico, Louisiana, and Outer Space!

Some listeners may notice that there are only 10 songs this time out. As the old saying goes, “more is not always more.” And so, with this in mind, we leave you with 10 more great songs, both old and new, and hope that until next time, you will enjoy this series and apply the “soul sauce” liberally.  —Melvin Cowznofski, Radio KBAK, Lompoc, CA

Tinariwen • Tenhert (The Doe) • 2009

Stay tuned—more to come. Up next: More James Brown, Little Johnny Jones, and Woody & Cisco, as well as Joe Townsend, Ry Cooder, Louis Jordan & His Tympany Five, and Eddie Taylor. Right here on Blues All Kinds.

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