Saturday, July 12, 2014


“Why, hello there, Roosevelt.”

“Why, hello there, Lee Green. Why, how you got ’em this mornin’?”

“Oh, pretty good, boy; I don’t feel so good.”

“Well, I know about the reason you don’t feel so good, because I seed your gal catch that number 44 train this mornin’, and I just about know ‘bout how you feelin’. You oughta feel just about well enough to pick me them ‘Number 44 Blues’ down to a gravy.”

“Oh, I’ll pick ’em for you, boy, because I kinda got ’em myself, doggone it.”

Lee Green • Train Number 44 • 1930

Willie Kelly • Kelly’s 44 Blues • 1930

Lee Green, vocal/piano; Roosevelt Sykes, speech. Chicago, 4 Nov 1930

Willie Kelly (Roosevelt Sykes), vocal/piano. Cincinnati, 12 Jun 1930 

Photo: Roosevelt Sykes, c.late 1920s via American Music

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