Sunday, October 09, 2016


Somewhere around 1970 I played this Terry Clément track along with a few others for a Louisiana transplant in Richmond, Virginia, and he sniffily told me it wasn’t Cajun music, it was rock’n’roll. Whatever it was/is, it’s a good one, and everyone involved is fully letting the bon temps roll.

(We’re re-upping this as we got a nice comment from WF, who knows what he’s talking about, and also the audio link is now updated. It was originally posted in 2014.)

Terry Clement & His Rhythmic Five

Terry Clément, accordion; Purvis Clément, vocal/fiddle; Marshall Arceneaux, guitar; Ronnie Goudreaux, drums; Jerry Dugas, steel guitar.


  1. Hello. Hate to tell your Virginia transplant but Te Maurice is actually a Cajun-swing tune written originally by Oran "Doc" Guidry with his cousins in the late 1930s. They recorded it first under the group Sons of Acadians.

    1. Thanks, Wade. Good to have it in true perspective.