Monday, July 14, 2014


Today is Woody Guthrie’s 102nd birthday, as well as Bastille Day in France. It’s also three years since Blues All Kinds started up (originally as BB’s Magic Jukebox). Thanks to the very few brave souls who continue to visit this place and make it worth our while spinning records for you. Yesterday we heard Woody’s “Jesus Christ,” possibly more relevant now than when he wrote it in the 1940s; today Cisco Houston sings Woody’s “Blowin’ Down the Road;” tomorrow we’ll hear Woody, Leadbelly, and the gang sing and play their rendition of “We Shall Be Free.”  To finish out the week we have Buddy Miller and Lucinda Williams, Cat Power, James Brown, and Freddy Fender lined up, so don’t go ’way. . . .

Cisco Houston • Old Dusty Road • 1958

Get it: Cisco Sings

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