Wednesday, May 07, 2014


Here’s a couple of fine originally unissued 1949 tracks from longtime BAK favorite, Jesse Thomas. Thomas, brother of Ramblin’ Thomas, was from Shreveport, Louisiana, and made a couple of records in Dallas in the late 1920s. He then reappeared on record after WWII cutting a handful of idiosyncratic amplified country blues records for various Los Angeles labels before moving back South in the late 1950s where he continued to record for small labels in the ensuing decades.

Jesse Thomas • Tomorrow I May Be Gone • 1949

Jesse Thomas • Meet Me Tonight • 1949

Both of these songs (or versions thereof) can be found in better sound than these old LP dubs on a couple of Ace CD collections: The Travelling Record Man (CDCHD 813) and The Modern Downhome Blues Sessions Vol. 4 (CDCHD 1057).


  1. I love the LPs in this series - they're full of surprises - but Texas is new to me. In my mind's eye I can see people dancing to his music in local jukes. (I'm also fond of 'I Can't Stay Here', recorded with the Lloyd Glenn Trio for Swingtime.)

    Hope you're having a great break!

  2. Thanks, Marie. These Kent LPs were real groundbreakers when they first came out, all the regional collections and a couple of Elmore James LPs with previously unheard stuff. Ace has expanded the whole series into several nice CD volumes.

    Jesse Thomas is a long time favorite around here, but I probably never paid much attention to his music until I heard the Down Behind the Rise LP on Nighthawk, with quite a few of his sides represented.