Thursday, May 22, 2014


Sometime around 1970 the Flyright label in England put out a couple of LPs that helped broaden the old roots music horizons a great deal. Jambalaya on the Bayou Vol. 1 contained recordings of 50s and 60s Cajun music from original labels like Kajun and Khoury’s and featured, among others, Nathan Abshire, Floyd LeBlanc, a teenage Joel Sonnier, and two fantastic live recordings of Lawrence Walker. The second Flyright album, Chicken Stuff: Houston Ghetto Blues, featured a whole LP side by Hop Wilson, the great steel guitarist, and on the flip Big Walter Price and early recordings by Juke Boy Bonner. The Cajun album really piqued my interest as later that year I was going on a cross country road trip. On that trip I stopped in Ville Platte, Louisiana, visited Floyd’s Record Shop, and bought several Nathan Abshire and Lawrence Walker 45s. On Chicken Stuff I heard the great, unsung Hop Wilson for the first time and marveled at the really tough sound he got from his lap steel, a sound which complemented his anguished vocals perfectly.

So this week and next we’re playing some of these great records here on Blues All Kinds. Hope you enjoy them. . . .

Le Blanc’s French Band • Louisiana Stomp • c. 1956–57

Lawrence Walker • Yeaux Noir • 1961

Nathan Abshire & The Pine Grove Boys • Hey Mom • c. early 1960s

Get ’em: “Louisiana Stomp”: Cajun Honky Tonk: The Khoury Recordings; “Yeaux Noir”: The Essential Collection; “Hey Mom”: Nathan Abshire & The Pinegrove Boys

The boys is back so keep those cards and letters coming with high praise and special requests, and they’ll be attended to shortly. Coming your way in the next few days: the Mississippi Mud Steppers, Freddy Fender, Little Walter, Marty Robbins, and the late great Hop Wilson. . . .

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