Sunday, April 13, 2014


“Ramiro Cavazos is one of the most soulful singers in the Norteño field and also an excellent bajo sexto player, songwriter, proprietor of the R y N label in McAllen [Texas] and record shop owner in the small town. . . . The slow waltz TODA MI ALMA is with the Banda brothers and I do not know the name of the accordionist but he is superb. The original record was overmodulated but despite such shortcomings I felt this disc had so much feeling it deserved inclusion [on the album Norteño Acordeon – Part 3].” *

Conjunto Hermanos Banda • Toda Mi Alma • c.1950s

* adapted from Chris Strachwitz’ 1978 notes to the LP Norteño Acordeon – Part 3: South Texas and Monterrey, N.L., The 1940’s and 50’s [Folklyric 9020 and amazingly still available from Arhoolie]).

Label photo from UCLA’s The Strachwitz Frontera Collection of Mexican and Mexican American Recordings.

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